lbf-2016-final-full-colour_de-monfort-uni-01As anyone familiar with Leicester and Leicestershire knows, the area is one of the most culturally diverse and business friendly environments in the United Kingdom. It was high time we spread the good news not only to the rest of the country but to the rest of the world. The inaugural Leicester Business Festival (LBF) in 2015 did just that. Its enormous success has ensured that the event will be back in 2016 from 24 October to 4 November.

The LBF was instigated by the Leicester and Leicestershire Enterprise Partnership (LLEP), a business-led partnership between the public and private sector looking to drive economic growth across the region.

Featuring 80 events over two weeks, 25 of which were sold out, the 2015 LBF was a phenomenal success. With 85% of the events completely free, the festival was open to everyone from top CEOs to budding entrepreneurs. Nearly 7,000 people took part in the LBF and the 2016 festival is set to be bigger and better.

A wide range of companies pledged their support to the festival by hosting events that showcase the diverse nature of our successful local economy. In 2016, we are aiming to see even more businesses involved, even more people in attendance and increasing recognition both nationally and internationally.

Every company is encouraged to get involved and throw its weight behind the county by hosting and attending events that illustrate the great potential seen throughout Leicestershire. The application process begins again soon so keep checking the website for updates. Brands can also be associated with the LBF by becoming a partner of this ground-breaking Festival

The LBF delivers a series of exciting opportunities for partner companies and organisations to associate their brands with a broad set of high profile business events that will gain valuable exposure across the entire UK. Last year’s festival was covered in a range of publications with a circulation of 138,076,520 and a readership of 414,229,560. Looking to the future, as the LBF’s reach grows, delegates will also have a reach even further afield.

The Leicester Business Festival will once again host two weeks of first class business events across the county. It will be an opportunity to showcase local and national businesses across a wide range of sectors, to explore the possibilities of accessing new markets and for businesses to understand innovative and creative ways to help their businesses grow to their full potential.

It will take place at a time when the UK economy continues to grow faster than most of its international rivals and when the Leicestershire economy is showing levels of growth at 18%, on a par with London and outstripping the rest of our regional competitors.

The Leicester Business Festival will once again host two weeks of first class business events across the county.

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