New jobs have been created in Leicestershire after specialist feedback firm We Love Surveys relocated the entire company from London to Loughborough at the start of this year.

The start-up company had been based in London since 2006 but, 12 months ago, opened a second office at the Advanced Technology Innovation Centre (ATIC), at Loughborough University’s Enterprise & Science Park.

That office has now become their main headquarters after We Love Surveys owner Helen Dargie made the decision to close the London branch and relocate to Loughborough.

And with that decision came the need for two new posts, in addition to a third role that had already been created last year.

Dargie is confident those numbers will increase in due time, further signalling the continued growth of the company.

“We took the decision to close the office in London and move here because we’ve got access to so much more relevant support, such as the university and other businesses located at the ATIC,” said Dargie, who has been based in the East Midlands for three years.

“The operating costs for two offices was not viable, and while no one has one moved from London to be here, they do work remotely and come up two or three days a week to be in the office, so flexible working is key.

“Since moving, we’ve taken on two more new starters, so we’re continuing to deliver on our excellent service promise to our clients.

“And it’s exciting to be creating jobs in Leicestershire and putting people into work. As time goes by, we will hopefully increase those numbers.”

Product and business development can take a further leap now that We Love Surveys are based entirely in Loughborough.

“The 12 months since initially opening the Loughborough office has helped us to stabilise as a team and got us in a good place to work with other local businesses, to grow our own offer,” said Dargie.

“We’re doing some product development, building relevant partnerships and trying to get new clients, so it’s very much product and business development.

“To be able to take people on and grow the business here – we’ve had more client meetings here in the last six months than we had in the last six years – demonstrates it was absolutely the right move to make.

“We’re in a lovely office, it’s accessible, it’s a nice place for our clients to visit, and that makes us feel so much more professional and together as a business.

“The difference between working in a normal serviced office in London and working on a university campus really opens the door to so many different opportunities we didn’t even think of before.”

We Love Surveys, whose clients include the likes of the NHS, Day Lewis Pharmacy, Alliance Healthcare, Screwfix and Orange, and have a client base that stretches from the UK to France, Romania, India and Singapore, are experts in point of experience feedback with a strong track record of working in the healthcare and retail industries.

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