The Objective of the re-constituted Business Council is to create a bridge between the business community and the policy/decision makers of the LLEP and Local Authorities. To use that bridge to prioritise, develop and promote policies that will enhance the wealth creating capacity of the private sector throughout the County and City of Leicester.

The newly re-constituted Business Council will;shutterstock_13679128

Promote the interests of private sector business in the local economy

Provide the LLEP,(mostly through its Business Board), and local authorities with a source of ideas, questions, opinions, challenges and connections relating to the private sector’s role in the development of the local economy

Provide the private sector members of the Business Board with a forum, connected to the wider Leicestershire business community, in which to develop their collective policies and priorities. This connection will maintain the credibility and authority of the private sector lobbying voice

Develop a community of private sector business people interested in, and understanding the processes of, economic development and wealth creation policy. This community can become the source of future representative appointments to appropriate public bodies

The organisation will revolve around a Chair of some standing, who has the time, interest and energy to lead a disparate grouping through a complex and evolving agenda.

The Chair will be;

Able to devote significant time to the role, say the equivalent of a day a week, and may therefore be retired or semi-retired

Widely experienced in private sector businesses

Interested in the local economic development agenda

Experienced in the differences between how the public and private sectors work

A good communicator and advocate in a range of contexts

Able to attract and lead business people in the cause of promoting the interests of the private sector and wealth creation in the City & County.

It would be an advantage if the Chair were;

Widely known in the business community

Connected to the County as well as the City

Known to the leaders of the local authorities and LLEP

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